Lamont Racing’s Philosophy:

1.To strive as best as we can to make racing pay for our shareholders.

2.To identify horses as early as possible and sell them if they won’t make the grade or pay their way.

3.To maximise our shareholders horse value and sell at the right time, if the price is right.

4.To research, carry out due diligence and identify the best young trainers available who will also share our philosophy.


Craig set out with a vision funded by a passion for the sport, by offering affordable and fun ownership to give you that winning feeling. Our vision is to bring owners together to share the costs, risks, and enjoyment of owning a racehorse. Craig is actively keeping owners informed via email and social media with news and photos.

Buying a share of a racehorse with Lamont Racing gives you the following benefits:

  • A one-off upfront fee payable to purchase a proper ownership share of your chosen racehorse including a full percentage of prize money and resale value.
  • A set/fixed monthly payment to cover all aspects of your association/membership that is not affected if other partners release their shares.
  • All in pricing means no more to pay.
  • A maximum of 10 owners per horse.
  • If the naming right share is not sold, you will have the chance of naming the horse.
  • The opportunity to go and watch as an owner in any Lamont Racing horse which runs subject to badges availability.
  • Free entry to the owner’s enclosure of the racecourse when your horse runs.
  • The opportunity to offer opinions regarding your horse’s racing plans.
  • Stable visits to see your horse and discuss with our trainer any thoughts or concerns you may have.

All inclusive means: Training and all race fees including entries, jockey fee, transport.

no VAT added

Flexible payment and lease options are available on all horses.

Please Contact Craig – for more details or call 01698 386 624 or 07584 209 507